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What is the activity?

This is an actitivity inspired from 'Knobless cylinders' under the Montessori educational system. These cylinders are the final stage in the dimensional material of the Montessori learning system. Here the child, places in order,a set of cylinders in a given colour based on his/her ability to discriminate. Each set of the coloured cylinders has one or two dimensional differences that allows the child to sort or even stack in order. The activity consists of one pinewood box, four cloth cotton pouches in the respective four colours and 40 wooden cylinders made from medicinal wood and safe natural colours.  Suitable for kids of age 4+ years.

DIMENSIONS  ~ 8" x 8" box

CARE INSTRUCTIONS  ~ Please clean with a clean piece of cloth. All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid impact against hard surfaces as the lac coating may chip. Please do not wash these items as they are wooden and the colour will peel.