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KEEL KUDURE ( a pair)

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Rs. 2,750


This pair of dolls is part of our initiative to revive the traditional doll stories of Channapatna, Karnataka. The 'Keel Kudures' (literally meaning a horse on false legs) were inspired from a folk dance form of Karnataka, an imitation of the movements of a horse by men and women. The Keel Kudure toys, once an integral part of Dasara Gombe, sadly are no longer seen even in Channapatna today. These are the traditional designs that have got this town the tag of 'Gombegala Ooru' or toy-town.

Each piece is made of wrightia tinctoria or hale mara, a safe and naturally seasoned medicinal plant wood. And they have been painted with safe poster colours. However the outside sealant is a varnish, hence not suitable for children. Please note that the colours may vary a little bit from the one in the pics.


Each ~ 7" height X 9" length X 3" width


Not to be washed. To clean use a mildly damp cloth. Avoid blows against hard surfaces. PLease note that wood being a natural material reacts differently to atmospheric changes which is beyond our control