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the GOPURAS (single)

(SKU ID: AX77F609712 )

Rs. 650


These storage boxes are a part of our 'REVIVING LOST STORIES' initiative. Antique snuff boxes that were once made using the same craft have been revisited . Please note that the price indicated is for one single unit only.

Each piece has been pain stakingly hand-crafted by artisans from Channapatna using the traditional lacquer ware turning technique. The colours used are natural and non-toxic. The wood used for all channapatna lac-ware products is completely safe and is 100% eco-friendly. Any irregularities on the wood are part of its natural beauty. 


12.5cm height x 5.5cm dia


All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid blows or impact against sharp surfaces. Do not wash.