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A construction game with a difference. This game is a fun activity for parents to engage with their kids. It helps enhance the child's capacity for creative, out-of-the-box thinking. it comes with 65 wooden pieces, an instruction card and a bag to hold all of it. Please note that the fabric used for the outside bag may vary from the one shown in the pic depending on availability.

How to play the game? 

The game contains over 65 wooden pieces of different colours and shapes. One can use a floor or any clean surface like a table to play this game.It is suggested that the adult first recreate any of the given illustrated forms/patterns to show the child how to play the game. Next encourage the child to create patterns of his/her own by referring to the leaflet. As time progresses the child will stop referring to the leaflet and create  patterns of his/her own. You will be amazed to see the kind of patterns/forms they come up with. 

Recommended Age - 3 to 9 years. 

Each piece has been pain stakingly hand-crafted by artisans from Channapatna using the traditional lacquer ware turning technique. The wood used for all channapatna lac-ware products is completely safe and is 100% eco-friendly. Any irregularities on the wood are part of its natural beauty.  


All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid blows against hard surfaces.