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Rs. 1,350


Wiggles, the caterpillar is a pull-toy made from two medicinal plants, wrightia-tinctoria or hale mare and neem wood. This toy has been handcrafted using the 200year old toy-craft of lac-turnery from Channapatna. Wiggles has his name because he wiggles along side to side as your little one pulls him along. The wood is extremely safe and known for its medicinal properties. The colours used are natural dyes and non-toxic. This toy is a great companion for your little one's fantasy-world.

DIMENSIONS  ~29cm length x 12cm height (at the head) 

AGE ~ Best suited for kids above 1.5 years. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS  ~ Please clean with a clean piece of cloth. All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid impact against hard surfaces as the lac coating may chip. Please do not wash these items as they are wooden and the colour will peel.