Cancellation & Refund Policy

A few things you must understand :

Cancellation & Refund Policy :

Please understand that we are not a market place model like many mega conglomerates where the responsibility of the product is not theirs and hence they have nothing to lose. Neither do we have a swarm of employees. Our sole aim is to give as many livelihoods as possible to the artisans so that they do not leave these crafts. In an effort to do this, like most social enterprise we are a very lean team where everyone multi-tasks. We are hence not in a position to afford a no-questions returns policy. Each and every product of ours goes through a very stringent persnalised quality check when we receive the same from our artisans. However, these products being handmade will have some of the characteristics as stated above. And we do not reject a product during our internal quality checks on any of the above parameteres. Else we would be very unfair to the artisans.

We do not have a no-questions asked returns or cancellation policy. Hence please be very sure before your purchase a varnam creation. We sincerely hope that you would not wish to cancel an order once placed. That being said, if the situation does arise, kindly note our policy as given below -